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Welcome to misterbenfica.com the new one stop home of all content created by “the Mister” Mike Agostinho. After about a year of podcasting I have decided it was necessary to add a written component to the podcast that can be found pretty much anywhere podcasts are available. My mission has been and is to continue to bring quality content and analysis in English to Benfica fans anywhere in the world. Why? Well it’s simple I’ve noticed over time that even though I grew up in a Portuguese family in the United States being fully bilingual a lot of my friends and peers were not speaking or reading in Portuguese as much as we got older, I began to realize that if the club does not make a solid to produce content in English and make it widely accepted they risk losing entire generations of fans simply because they’re now 2 or 3 generations removed from Portugal and naturally a lot of these potential fans have never spoken or read any Portuguese. I realize the massive size of the Portuguese communities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and elsewhere should be a target audience for the club and I don’t believe the club realize that. At that point I felt it a personal calling rather than to lament the situation I should instead work to improve it and thus I began recording the Mister Benfica podcast. Now they was already plenty of Benfica coverage in the podcast landscape and some of that coverage was in fact in English and when I discovered it I realized I too to could provide to this community and help fill this void for a generation or more of Benfiquistas abroad. Having spent 12 years as a coach in the United States and working my way up all the way to a semi-professional level I felt I could bring a perspective that was different than what was already out there. The perspective of the “Mister”. In Portugal the coach is referred to as the “Mister” by his players and this is a sign of respect that goes back over years to when the British brought football to Portugal and thus the teachers would come to be addressed as Mister. So from that idea the persona of Mister Benfica was born, and though I can get off topic my goal is to be true to the persona and to try to always approach the match reviews from the view of the Mister. Finally after a year of playing horrible ads on my podcast forcing listeners to suffer through them I had earned enough from the pod to launch this page and give Mister Benfica a proper home. I ask everyone to please subscribe below and hope you will enjoy the content on this page. Coming soon will always been an accompanying YouTube Channel for some additional original video content. Thank you for your support over the past year and here’s to another year of success both off and on the pitch! If you haven’t yet I do ask that you rate and comment on my Apple Podcasts page to help me get the pod to more ears in the English speaking world! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mister-benfica/id1453307380 and don’t forget to check out my social media links above! Carrega Benfica!!

Published by Mike Agostinho

Former Coach turned Podcaster/Blogger involving all things Sport Lisboa and Benfica from the perspective of the Mister and in English for Benfiquistas all over the English speaking world.

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